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Ladies Get Paid 

Fed up with the wage gap, I founded Ladies Get Paid, a platform to help women speak up about their professional challenges and learn the tools they need to advance their careers. My mission is to see more diversity and equal pay in every industry. 

Every month I organize town halls, workshops, webinars, and meet-ups. I moderate a private Slack group where women share advice, resources, and job opportunities. As a one-person team, I am responsible for everything from website development, creative direction, event production, marketing, podcasting, and editorial. 

Since launching in June, I'm proud that this movement has grown to over 1,700 members.

Highlights as of November 2016:

  • 50,000 messages exchanged on Slack

  • 3,00 members

  • 700 town hall attendees

  • 30 town halls, workshops, webinars & meet-ups

  • 42 states represented

  • 40 countries represented